Monday, September 6, 2010

well as long as no one's looking...

should you tell a person who can't stand to see another person be happy that they need to get over their shit and move on?

that they should leave the person they can't stand to see happy alone, forget them, wipe them out of their mind, and just live their own damn life?

you know, perhaps when this happens to people (when they can't stand to see another person happy) it's because they're unhappy themselves.

and i suppose, maybe in this case, this might reasonably be supposed.


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  1. Actually, you can't really say anything because it would change nothing. I mean you could say something, but it just gives the other person more fuel for their animosity. Just sayin'.

    In terms of the person being unhappy themselves, this isn't unreasonable simply because so many people are unhappy. We all want more than we have. And we look at our neighbors and see that they DO have more than us (whether they do or not) and we want it. Since we can't have it, we just express ourselves in anger and frustration towards that person whose life/things/outlook/job we covet.

    Those are my profound words for the day. I'm really enjoying the blog, keep it up!