Sunday, January 1, 2012

So the other day I wrote a blog post. But I was very drunk and decided everything I said was ridiculous. It had to do with my decision to remove myself from social networks. I'm sure this is cheating, even keeping up a blog, but hey. Maybe it's fine.

I removed myself from social media for a lot of reasons, but the most prominent was that I had a lot of complaints about them, such as the fact that there was so much negativity pumping through their swollen veins. I had a lot of "friends" who I didn't care to know every detail of their lives about. I found myself not only getting angry at most of the posts that I saw, but judging people for silly reasons. For a while, I tried to monitor myself and my posts carefully. I did my best to hide peoples' posts whom I didn't care for or who were "sharing too much" for my taste. I did my best to make sure if I was posting something, it was informative or positive. But eventually, I realized that, despite my efforts, I couldn't help but continue to fall into the same personal pitfalls I always had. I still ended up judging my friends and family, I still ended up posting stupid or negative crap, but each time I assured myself that I wasn't wrong this time, that this time  I had to do this, but next time I'll get it right. After realizing what I was doing -- how much I was lying to myself -- I decided enough was enough. If I can't get it right, if I continue to contaminate the internet and my social media circles with negativity and mindless garble, then remove yourself.

Take away the temptation to make the world a shitty place with all your mindless bullshit.

So here I am. 23, I love my work (for the most part), I live on my own, I'm single (my own damn, stupid fault), and I have no idea where I'm going. But for now, that's OK. For now, this is fine.

There's a rambling explanation of where I've been for the last long while for those who only kept up with me through social media. I don't think very many people outside of my social media circle actually read my blog, but for those that do, well -- here we are. Here I am. Hello.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. I remember exactly where I was at this time of my life last year. It's like after I graduated, I was born again. I have so many fresh and wonderful, scary and terrible memories of 2011. Let's hope for more of the same as I continue my trek through the amazing and splendidly fucked up world of "Not College."