Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dreams (a boring subject, i know)

recently i've been having dreams that involve people doing me wrong, and as a result me having to physically attack them. ok, i probably didn't "have to" but that's what it felt like.

for instance, this morning i had a dream that there was a group of guys who stole my GPS and my credit card, and so i beat the living shit out of 2 of them after cussing them all out and i became their leader.

this is obviously something i would never do in real life. i would like to think that if the situation arose for me to defend myself or my loved ones that i could deliver, but i'd never beat the shit out of someone like i did in that dream. i was so angry, so very very VERY ANGRY, i can't put it much more simply than that. some seriously pent up frustration going on in my head.

i'm sure it has everything to do with what's going on in my life right now. right now, i feel like maybe someone might be using me, might be doing me wrong, might be taking advantage of me. i don't really know. but it makes me so, so, SO angry to think that they might be doing such a thing. not that i would ever, EVER actually act violently upon someone who did something like just take my kindness for granted, but the feelings of frustration build up inside and manifest themselves in a violent way in my dreams.

whew. how did i ever get so angry?

-C out

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  1. Your dreams are pretty much never boring, give yourself that.