Tuesday, December 14, 2010

obligatory update

I was about to make a semi-long facebook status about my day/week, but then I decided I haven't blogged in a while so might as well toss my words around.

Reindeer Monologues is over. Thank God. All blame aside -- both on myself and others -- I'm just glad the show is over. It was tough making it an enjoyable experience after a while. Gonna stop talking about it because it might lead me into a rant. And besides, I have a theater blog for that type of thing.

Last Mass rehearsals going well. We're done blocking. We don't premier in over a month. Just realized how long this rehearsal process is going to be. Not in a bad way (I hope). I mean with every show it's different. Some shows NEED a long rehearsal process, and they still barely get ready in time... Some, simply, don't. I don't think this show is going to need as long a rehearsal process as it has, but I hope this doesn't lead us to "peak" the show too early. That is, to have done the show so many times and "perfected" it, so to speak, so early that by the time the audience comes around the actors are just sick and tired of it. I have faith we'll be fine, though.

I never want to drink ever again. Yet another reason to dislike Reindeer: the cast party. Not that I didn't have fun. Just maybe too much fun.

Decided yesterday I was going to get my shit taken care of today. Woke up at 7. Got my liscence plate (finally). Baller. Went to the lawyer, gave him my ticket so he could take care of it. Baller. Went to work. They were like, "You're here an hour early!"

Damnit. So I didn't clock in for an hour. That's ok, I'm reading 3 plays and a novel. Why, sure, I'll tell you what I'm reading! "Rozencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead" by Tom Stoppard (for my script reading group), "Over the Taven" and "King O' The Moon" by Tom Dudzick (parts 1 and 2 of the Over the Taven series, "Last Mass" being part 3) [...lol, 2 Toms] and, the old favorite, "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Now, mind you, I'm only reading one play at a time while I'm reading "Z". I can keep Shakespeare's boys in Hamlet and the zombie apocalypse separate in my head, but I don't think I'm going to ever try to read more than one play at once... That's just me..

Other than that, just hoping to move into my new place soon... My friend who lives in the theater I work at agreed to let me move into her living room. They're completely separate rooms connected only by the giant space which is the shop itself, so as long as my girl friend and my parents don't see anything wrong with it (which, they don't) then I don't. Should be pretty cheap, too.

So now you know.


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  1. Good job being productive today! Aren't those the best days? They don't come around too often for me... but when they do, life seems a whole lot simpler afterward.

    Congratulations on the probable move!