Tuesday, December 28, 2010

just need to shout

ever had one of those days? you know what i mean. you're not necessarily angry -- or at least not enough to admit -- you just feel like you're walking down the street and everyone's bumping into you -- either on accident or on purpose -- and you're just minding your own business but you keep tripping over stuff on the sidewalk -- stuff you either should've seen anyway so you feel stupid for not seeing it or stuff that magically popped up right where you were walking -- and you're tired and hungry and you've been working all day and you won't stop working until you get home but you have to pack when you get home because you're trying to move out and be independent and start your own life but the universe seems bent on you living in your mom and dad's house for the rest of your life like a loser!

that came out a lot more complainy than it feels in my head.

and besides. most times i type upset things on the internet i stop being upset instantly after. it's a release thing (obviously.) if you see me or talk to me after you read this, don't worry, i'm fine now. i just needed to scream little. and who doesn't every once in a while, huh? i love theatre more than anything else you can do with your time, but not being able to do karate as a consequence has shut off a valve for physical stress relief and i think it's starting to take a toll. no free time at all, really, takes its toll.

and yet i find time to play Halo: Reach, don't i, corbin. and yet i find time to do a lot of stupid things.

sigh. what started out as a release post turned itself into a self-attack post. i should stop this right now, nip it in the bud.

so anyway. there it is. Christmas is over. where the fuck that even go, anyway? it's like i was waiting for 2 weeks and then it flew past me like a bullet. 2 weeks? wasn't advent 4? didn't feel like it.

is this the rest of my life?


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