Monday, February 7, 2011

of no importance

Today I decided to just talk about what's going on in my life. It's sort of a way for me to get things in order, to reflect, to maybe take notice of where I should be putting more of my time and energy.

  • Currently reading: "Different Seasons" by Stephen King, "Rediscovering Catholocism" by Matthew Kelly, and "Proposals" by Neil Simon.
  • Currently listening to lots of: The Naked and Famous (think M83 with more vocals, especially female, and a little poppier); Jonsi (lead singer of Sigur Ros, amazing CD); and Peter Fox (German rap/hip hop artist. Psh, yeah).
  • Judged my first forensics tournament this weekend. It was a lot of fun! I'd love to do it again. I judged "Informative Speeches". Some were pretty rad, some not, but they all tried their hardest and did pretty decent jobs.
  • Won $50 at a Super Bowl party last night from the final score numbers. Booyah.
  • My room is still in a bit of disaray from the party I threw last weekend. Need to get that checked into today.
  • My dream last night was that I was in a building where it was heaven upstairs, hell downstairs. You could only get downstairs by a really creepy ladder that came out of a hole in the floor. In heaven you could swim if you imagined the room was filled with water and fly if you imagined you were in the sky, and I got scared a few times because I started flying when I meant to swim... Oh yeah, and Satan was Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds, Green Hornet) and he was directing a play and I was the designer for lights and set. Huh.
  • Been spending all my free time playing Tetris and watching movies on Netflix and old ones I downloaded ages ago but hadn't watched til just now. Of note are "The Road", "Vanilla Sky", and the PBS production of "Macbeth" with Patrick Stewart. All these movies are amazing. And my highest score on Tetris has been 93 lines.
Whew. I feel better just laying it all out like that.

That's all.


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  1. I think facebook has greatly decreased the ability to express oneself. For example, I just want to "like" this post...but I can't! I actually have to make an effort to think of words! How barbaric. (But for you, I'll attempt. Even in English. Phewf.)

    Everything sounds good. But try for that 94.