Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the sad and scary truth

Ok my friends. How the hell did you all do it? How? I know you, out there: YEAH, YOU! The one who in highschool had a job that paid $300 a week, and had bought your own car, and had made good grades, and so you were set for life. How'd you do it?! I made $300 a MONTH and worked my ass off, and I couldn't buy a car, there wasn't enough money and ... and ... and...!!

Basically, my problem is as such: I'm a college graduate who is buying a car, and so, very soon, I will have car payments, insurance payments, and student loans to pay. So how the hell am I gonna be able to move out of the house?! I can't get another job because I work all day into the night where I proceed to go directly to rehearsal. I don't know how I'd ever make ends meet if I had my $10/hr job to pay for rent, car, insurance...?! How the...!??!?!?
Whew. Ok. I just wanted to ask you how you did it. If I could gone back and tell my younger self what to do, it would've been "Buy a car in high school", or at least in college. This whole thing just seems so ridiculous. And freaking impossible.

Anyway. That's my life right now. This was just a violent outburst, though, because I'm very happy right now. I just get caught up in thinking about how I'll ever be able to get out of my house. I swear that sometimes it feels impossible and I wonder how anybody else does it in the first place.

Updated my theatre blog. Go read it now.

k thnx bai.

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  1. $10 x 40(hours) = 400/(week)

    Two week pay period = 800. Month = $1600

    Take tax/insurance and see what you have left.

    I would recommend working with a small/personal bank and build a relationship. You might already have that at your job.

    Find out what your options are. It could be wise to consolidate payments (once you have them to make) if that is an option.

    Make a savings fund and try to live barebones for a few months. Don't go out and eat. Focus on saving money and making car payments.

    Living does not have to be extremely expensive but it can take a long time to find a good deal.

    I would look for a roommate. Sometimes you have to shop around for a good match but it is well worth it when starting out.

    Shop at Aldi for food.