Tuesday, November 16, 2010

like mountains beyond mountains

Ok, this is bad. I'm bored and so I'm making a blog post. This probably won't end well.

I guess I do have one kind of interesting thing to say. A good friend of mine informed me of an old habit he had in college that I'm thinking of picking up. Every morning he would take 5-10 minutes and spill out his thoughts onto paper as soon as he woke up. This fascinates me, because I really don't think much as soon as I wake up. I just wonder if I have time enough to hit the snooze alarm, or I just go into zen-prepare-self-for-day mode. I would really like to find out what would happen if I tried this.

My second thought about it is this: my handwriting is attrocious, and I can't imagine it would be any better as soon as I wake my sorry self up bright and early, so should I just make it a regular entry on my blog? Wake up, go straight to my computer with the entry blank and waiting, type for 5 minutes, post it, and go? Sounds like it could either be fun or a total waste of space on the internet.

I think I'm going to try and do it on paper. My thoughts unfettered and unedited that early in the morning might not be shareable with the entire world. Hm. Sorry if that let anyone down. I doubt it did, though...

Anyway. I'm going to go back to reading "The Invention of Love" by Tom Stoppard. I've been reading it for about a month on-and-off because it's really, really hard to get through... Can't say I enjoy it too terribly much but it is rich and sort of interesting... It's a "smart person play" and as you can tell, I'm really not one of those people. Oh well.

In case you're unaware, I started a new theatre blog. Find it at god-of-the-theatre.blogspot.com.

Thanks for your pains,

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  1. Writing it by hand is definitely the better decision. I'm not sure how early morning thoughts like that will turn out. I find that a lot of times I do my best writing in the morning, but only after I've woken up a bit; had some breakfast, a cupa joe, etc. Good luck with this project though. You know I always support more writing!