Tuesday, August 24, 2010

try it yourself

aight, so a few things, right?

so the other day i was working and then i got real bad lower chest/upper abdomen pains? but that isn't a big deal cuz i might've thrown up a little on friday (more of that anon.) what was a little weird was the shortness of breath. so i went to the hospital and now i've got an....inhaler.

so i'm a dork level 9 now, that's cool.

(except replace me with the old guy.)

so then at work today, our supervisor told us that we need to keep our music down in the parking lot when we pull in to work. i guess those 15 seconds it takes to go from one's car to the door are very important to some people.

so i just got a ... position (i hesitate to use the word "job") as the assistant stage manager for She & Her Production's "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." that's pretty rad. it got me to thinking, i want to move into Kansas City. now. right now. i mean, i'm going to have to find a job first, and a place to live, and buy a car.. but i'm moving to Kansas City as soon as i can. alone or otherwise.

oh yeah, i was gonna elaborate on the "throwing up" thing. i keep on having bad encounters with malt beverages and other distilled liquors. i'm trying to wean myself off of these things. "wean" is incorrect cause i guess i've just decided to just stop altogether.

i'm not looking for street cred or compliments. i'm not looking for anything. just some more control. less feelings of guilt. an overall increase in health would be nice. diet changes are also in the works. expensive ones, but hopefully ones worth while.

he's out,

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  1. An inhaler? What a loser! Congrats on the ASM position. Pretty sure I'm going to be acting as the dramaturg, but we'll see. Nice blog, keep it up.